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Chairman's message to the Muslim Community

We had set up the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation (MCMF) in 2008, without any staff or office space, with the sole purpose of mobilizing human and financial resources from the Muslims residing in the Montgomery County to help the needy and the poor in their day to day living.

While the main motivation was to help less fortunate residents of the County without any discrimination, we were also driven by our desire to change the narrative about the Muslims that had developed in the country following the brutal attack of terrorists on the American soil tarnishing the image of Islam, which is a religion of peace and fellowship.

With the encouragement of the community, their financial donations and volunteering for services, the MCMF has grown into a major charity origination that sponsors various programs of help in collaboration with other faith-based organizations and active support of the County Executive and the County Council.
By now, we have an office, office staff, a bus and several well-organized programs for the seniors, the youth, the refugees and the hungry and the poor. Our programs are covered in this website and are also explained in a brochure that can be obtained from the office.

Both the County officials and other charitable organizations appreciate the contributions of the MCMF in alleviating hunger and providing services to the needy, the MCMF is by now a well-established and widely respected tax exempt Non-Profit Organization.

The credit for this progress goes to the Community.
The MCMF has a well thought-out expansion program that needs further support of the Community in three major areas.

First, all Muslims residing in the Montgomery County are requested to become members, there is no membership fee and the membership forms can be filled on this website or obtained from and returned to the office.
Second, we need volunteers to help in charity work, particularly from the middle and high school students who can earn their SSL credit.

Third, we need to have larger financial donations from more community members than at present.
Your donations are used not only to help the poor and hungry but also to build up a better image of Muslims creating a congenial and harmonious environment that helps eradicate hate crimes and untoward incidents. Thus, we help ourselves also by helping others.

I appeal to the Community to become members of the MCMF, offer volunteer services and make generous financial donations to the MCMF.

Tufail Ahmad
Chairman, Board Of Directors


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