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Montgomery County Muslim Foundation (MCMF) is a grassroots, non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization in Montgomery County, Maryland

Our Mission

Undertake initiatives and programs to feed the hungry and homeless, help the needy among us to live a better life, take care of the needs of senior citizens and youth, and interact with other communities and faiths to promote a congenial living environment for all.

Performance of MCMF in 2017:

The Montgomery County Muslim Foundation (MCMF) is a charitable organization that was started in 2008 by a few kindhearted Muslim residents of the County. Its vision is to help "create a hunger-free and hate-free society". Its mission is "to undertake initiatives and programs to feed the hungry and homeless, help the needy to live a better life, take care of the needs of senior citizens and youth, and interact with other communities and faiths to promote congenial living environment for all". These mission-dictated tasks are undertaken without any discrimination based on a person's faith, gender, color, creed, origin or ethnicity.
The founding members were also driven by their desire to change the negative narrative about Muslims that had developed in some segments of the population following the brutal attacks on the American soil by terrorists claiming to be Muslims, and thereby tarnishing the image of the peace loving religion of Islam.
The tireless efforts of the Board of Directors to frame and adhere to rules and regulations based on international good governance practices during the last decade, and setting up of committees to undertake various welfare projects, are bearing fruit in actual practice as can be observed from the subsequent sections.
The laws and regulations of IRS, State of Maryland and Montgomery County are meticulously followed in the operations of MCMF and financial accounts are properly maintained and audited. The State and County officials have on several occasions appreciated the good work being done by MCMF and some of its volunteers have been given awards for their dedication and hard work.
During the last decade, MCMF has grown into a leading charitable organization of the County committed to help those who need it most. It has a well-equipped office, qualified office staff, a bus with driver and a transportation coordinator, a dedicated group of volunteers and several well organized and efficiently managed regular programs to feed the hungry and help the needy, take care of the handicapped and senior citizens, assist the youth to become productive and responsible citizens and provide goods and services to refugees to facilitate their rehabilitation.
The membership of MCMF has increased to about 400 and involvement of the community has improved. In 2017, MCMF mobilized donations from the community of $ 152,457 to finance its various welfare projects supplementing the County grant. The community devoted 6570 work- hours to voluntary work in 2017 to assist MCMF in undertaking its welfare projects and services. The Board of Directors held several strategy session to improve the working of the organization.
The main programs and their activities in 2017 are summarized below:
Feed the Homeless: In 2017, MCMF provided three meals a day for two weeks to 36 residents of the Interfaith Works Women's Center located in Rockville at two different times of the year. In addition to the cost of food, volunteers worked for 291 hours in acquiring, packing and serving the food.
Annual Food Drive: In 2017, 200 volunteers devoted about 1000 hours to set up stalls at 13 Giant Food stores and collected about 11000 pounds of canned and nonperishable food which was handed over to Manna Food for distribution among the deserving people.
Food Pantry: In 2017, on average 40 families were provided groceries each month by about 12 volunteers devoting about 50 hours every month to collect, pack and distribute food.
Meat Distribution: In 2017, MCMF collected about $23000 from 109 families to buy and slaughter nine cows and25 lambs and distributed 7000pounds of meat to about 1400 deserving families.
Clothes Distribution: A large quantity of gently used clothes, shoes and household items donated by the community were distributed among the deserving people in 2017 as was done in previous years.
Holiday Gift Baskets and Toy Distribution: MCMF distributed gift baskets to 112 families at Thanksgiving and to 113 families at Christmas. In addition toys were distributed among children.
Seniors Program: An average of 25 seniors of different religious backgrounds and ethnicity met once a week in the office space to do exercises under the guidance of a trained instructor and engaged in diverse activities followed by an informal lunch. MCMF has purchased exercise equipment, has built up a mini library and has gathered enough furniture for the seniors to sit, play games, socialize and enjoy life together. MCMF picks up and drops back handicapped persons or those who could not drive. During 2017, several trips were also arranged to places of interest to the seniors in the MCMF bus operated by a driver under the supervision of a coordinator.
Youth Program: Under this program, nine SAT preparation courses were held, a college admission workshop was arranged, two workshops for personal branding were presented and one to one couching for college admission essays were arranged. Altogether 125 students benefited from the program.
Refugee assistance: MCMF collected $45000 in 2017 as donations from the community to help the refugees. Fifteen cars were provided to refugee families to improve their mobility for jobs and schooling of their children. MCMF provided several packages of grocery and arranged for winter clothing, house hold items, furniture and washing and sewing machines.
Martin Luther King Junior day: MCMF participated in the Annual Martin Luther King Junior day with volunteers preparing rubber balls for Children's INN at the NIH.
Interfaith Iftar Dinner: In collaboration with the County Executive and Montgomery County Muslim Council, MCMF organized an Iftar dinner in which about 400 guests participated including representatives of the County and State governments, senators, legislators and faith leaders of other communities.
While MCMF has an impressive record of achievements, it has even more ambitious program for the future.


Financial statement would be provided upon request.

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