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MCMF Qurbani Program 2019: Reort

Thursday, 26th Sep 2019

Dear Community members

I am glad to report to you that 104 community members donated an aggregate amount of $26000 to MCMF and entrusted to it the solemn task of arranging "qurbanees" on their behalf at the " EID- ul -Adha" celebrated on August 11, 2019.

We are grateful to the community for reposing their trust in MCMF to do "qurbanies" on their behalf and distribute meat to the deserving families.

To reassure our community members that MCMF fulfilled its obligations faithfully and efficiently it is important that we give them a report on what we did with their money.

The MCMF Board of Directors set up a Committee headed by Mr. Abdul Hai Sheikh, a member of the Board of Directors, to arrange for the purchase of animals on competitive basis and slaughter them based on the Sharia rules, and arrange for meat transportation and distribution to the deserving families in the neighborhood in a well-organized and effective manner.
The total edible and properly cleaned and cut meat obtained from slaughtering 11 cows and 27 lambs was approximately 6875 lbs.

As is provided in the Sharia rules, we had sought advice of donors if they wished to take a share of meat for family use. While most of them volunteered to add their share also to the pool of meat distributable to the poor and needy, some donors legitimately opted to claim a share of the meat for their family use and together they were given about 700 lbs. of meat. Additionally, arrangements were made to slaughter 27 lambs in Syria generating approximately 1375 lbs. of raw meat that was distributed among the refugees living in camps there.

The remaining 4800 lbs. of meat was packed in bags of 5 lbs each and carried in an air conditioned truck and distributed among the needy families in Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Baltimore, Prince George's County and Washington DC.
MCMF wishes to record its appreciation of the management and staff of Gaithersburg Help, Montgomery County Coalition for Homelessness, EduCare Support Services, Impact Silver Spring, Adventist Social Services, New Creation Church, and Baltimore and Rashidun Mosques in Washington DC for their cooperation in carrying out our responsibilities successfully and efficiently.

MCMF carried out the responsibilities entrusted to it by donors of making necessary arrangements for the purchase and slaughter of animals and distribution of meat to the deserving families honestly and effectively. As meat was distributed among deserving families of different ethnicity, faith, origin and color and locations without any discrimination, there was a great appreciation by the recipients for the Muslim community of Montgomery County that donated funds and of MCMF volunteers that devoted their precious time.

MCMF looks forward to undertaking a similar task in the years to come and we urge the whole community to avail of the MCMF Qurbani program which is being managed with utmost care and commitment in accordance with the Sharia rules. Charity always should begin at home and we need to help the poor and needy people living in our neighborhoods.

With best regards

Tufail Ahmad


Montgomery County Muslim Foundation


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MCMF Qurbani Program 2019: Reort

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