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Message from Mr. Tufail Ahmad, Chairman, MCMF



Dear brothers and sisters


The terrorist attack in March 2019 on Muslims praying in mosques in New Zealand should act as an eye-opener for All Muslims living as a minority in the Western countries. It is particularly important that Muslims residing in the United States of America realize the risks to their lives and liberties from bigotry and hatefulness, and develop a strategy to protect their fundamental rights to live in peace in their neighborhoods and to be able to pray in their places of worship without any fear or terror. Such a strategy critically requires, inter alia, building of a more favorable image of Islam in the Western countries and countering Islamophobia that prevails in some segments of the Western societies.

Extremist groups that exist in other religions and societies cannot be neutralized or marginalized while some among us indulge in hateful propaganda and criminal activities in the name of Islam. We must take concrete steps to improve the image of Islam tarnished by the extremists among us. The first step is to terminate extremist groups that may exist among us. The second step is to educate our youth that extremist activities, instead of representing Islam, are in fact anti-Islamic. Moreover, we need to redouble our efforts to reach out to other communities and neighbors belonging to other faiths and, through our kind words and good deeds, create with them a positive image of Islam.

The MCMF is following such a strategy. Through its Youth Program, it inculcates in our younger generation the true spirit of Islam. Equally importantly, MCMF runs several programs to help the needy, poor and seniors regardless of their faith, ethnicity, creed, color or gender. It giving a powerful message to members of other communities and to the County and State officials that Islam in fact is a religion of peace and compassion, and it respects all other religions and helps all needy human beings.

MCMF's effort is bearing fruit and it has helped built a positive image of Islam in the diverse population of Montgomery County in general and in the faith-based communities and official circles in particular. Its positive role and work are being publically acknowledged by other faith-based communities, local news media and political leaders of the region. We believe that by visibly helping others, MCMF has been able to help the Montgomery County Muslim community in several ways.

Muslims have traditionally been very generous in financial donations to mosques and in volunteering for service there. Building and maintaining mosques is important and we urge the Muslim community to continue this tradition. It is equally important to recognize that, while MCMF is not a mosque, its practical work and humanitarian activities are making a major contribution to the causes of Islam and building up its positive image among non-Muslims. It deserves the attention and support of the community in the same way as we do for mosques. The above considerations have prompted us to write this letter to the community with the request to consider take the following steps.

1. Those who are not as yet registered members of MCMF are requested to become members either through its website ( or by acquiring and filling up an application for membership through our office at 811 Russel Avenue Suite G, Gaithersburg, MD 20879, telephone: 301-760-7447, Email: . There is no membership fee and once you become a member you automatically receive updates of the events and activities of MCMF. Larger community membership will help MCMF to project more effectively the positive image of Muslims.

2. Make financial donations either through MCMF website or by sending a check at the above MCMF address. At present, donations to MCMF are confined to a few families. Broad-based donations (even of small amounts) can make a big difference.

3. If you can, register with the office as a volunteer to help manage MCMF's charity programs. Various activities require the help of volunteers, particularly from our youth and seniors, and at present, those are inadequate in relation to our requirements.

4. MCMF is recognized by the regional school systems as an eligible charity institution where voluntary work enables the students to meet their social service requirements for graduation. Encourage your middle and high school children to meet their community service requirements by doing voluntary work at MCMF and earning SSL Hours.

5. We are running a very active program for the senior citizens. Encourage seniors in your families to participate in the two weekly exercise programs followed by social get together and avail themselves of free bus trips to places of interest. Free bus transportation can be provided to those who cannot drive or do not have transportation arrangements.

6. MCMF maintains a comprehensive website ( Make it a habit to visit frequently MCMF website to keep up with its events and activities and to find out future programs that may interest you.

7. Spread awareness about the activities of MCMF among your family members including your children, friends and relatives and encourage them to participate and donate money and time to serve others. MCMF is your organization and needs your help in spreading the information and its message.

With best regards

Tufail Ahmad
Chairman Board of Directors
Montgomery County Muslim Foundation
811 Russell Ave, Suite G
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Office: (301) - 760 - 7447


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Message from Mr. Tufail Ahmad, Chairman, MCMF

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