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MCMF Senior Program :Talk by Rabea Nawaz

Tuesday, 31st Jul 2018

Authored by  by Shagufta Ehsan :

Talk on Happiness by Rabea Nawaz.

On 25, July, Rabea Nawaz ,a great entrepreneur from Dubai was invited to give a talk on Happiness to the seniors group of MCMF.
Around 40 seniors attended the talk,and were greatly impressed by the young speaker,who emphatically explained that Happiness depends on factors much more than only material progress and worldly success.
One has to have peace within oneself that can be attained only if we elevate ourselves from the worldly level, widen our perspective and accept new challenges to discover something new in life.
She told her story, Journey to Dubai ,which started from leaving her successful (materially)life in US to seek her inner peace in the world unknown. She experienced hardships and felt for tAhe poor labourers who had left their home countries and were working in the scorching heat ,just to provide for their families.

She also learnt that her FAITH ( religion) gave her strength and steadfastness to bear all the hardships in a new place,and she let herself flow in the stream of life with content of her heart. She gained success and established herself again but with a totally changed perspective of life.
For her ,Secret of Happiness is ,If we can bring smiles to others,share a feeling of togetherness and live a humble life.And That we can do if we make a right decision to change our path from material to eternal gain .Material success may be necessary but not sufficient condition for happiness, which is a state of mind that is impacted favorably by broader perspective on life.
The talk was really enlightening and the participants learned many good lessons to from a young soul.

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