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MCMF Board's Appeal to the Community

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2017

Dear Friends,

The MCMF is your organization engaged in various activities that favorably impact the environment in which we live as residents of Montgomery County. It has no political inclination, no personal agenda and no affiliation with any particular sect of Islam, and is being managed by selfless volunteers who devote their time and resources to help the poor and underprivileged and in the process also help improve the image of the Muslim community as well.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, a perception was being perpetuated, adversely affecting our lives, that the Muslims are a community devoid of human values and fellow feelings for the people of other faiths and ethnic backgrounds. In this background, and in the true spirit of Islam, it was felt that there was a need to establish a welfare organization to be managed and financed by the Muslims of the County, both to help the needy and also to help the cause of the community.

Since its establishment, the MCMF has done a credible job of collecting and distributing food, clothes, Zabiha meat, and developing a food pantry to serve the less fortunate residents of the County living among us. The MCMF is engaged in charitable work for all residents of Montgomery County regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity and background and it has gone a long way in countering the stereotype view of the Muslims and in promoting a better image of the Muslim Community.

There also has been an interfaith dialogue and common effort to do charitable work to eradicate hunger and help the poor in the County. It has gone well with other communities and with other faiths and the local government thereby helping improve our standing as a community.

The MCMF has also developed programs to help senior citizens of the community, like providing them transportation to and from the mosque for Juma prayers, and arranging regular meetings for them at the MCMF office to engage in social and entertainment activities. Similarly, a Youth Program is at work to help the younger generation of the community to develop their careers and personalities to best serve their self-interest and fulfill their aspirations.

The MCMF is your organization and depends on your active participation and support. You are encouraged to become its active member by filling out the membership application on this website or printing it out and mailing it to the office. You are also welcome to submit the application in person at the MCMF office. We need volunteers to help undertake welfare activities, and of course, we are in need of donations to carry out and expand our community work. By helping others, we also help ourselves to live in a congenial and friendly neighborhood.

With best regards,

Board of Directors

Montgomery County Muslim Foundation

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