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Feedback on Media Training conducted by Wajahat Ali

Tuesday, 28th Aug 2018

Below is a Feedbach on the Training Program by One of the participants:

The Media training session with Wajahat Ali was an incredibly practical and engaging experience that I found especially relevant as a college student. Wajahat made the session very interactive, requiring participants to not just learn how to tell a story, but actually write our own stories and share them with others. We got feedback from our stories from both Wajahat and other participants, and the audience benefited from the multiple practical exercises throughout the session. The variety of both lecture style and practical exercises was very refreshing.

Furthermore, Wajahat's tips for how to tell a story and convey yourself on social media were very actionable and he gave great examples from his own career and others that the audience could relate to. I found that the session was also the perfect length, and that Wajahat kept the session entertaining throughout and respected everyone's time.

I personally have already applied many of Wajahat's tips to my own writing in my blog that I intend to release soon, as well as on my social media postings. I believe our community needs more of these media training sessions in order to brand ourselves in a positive light and empower each other.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and I hope more youth get the opportunity to go through similar training in the future, as proper social media usage and story telling can have an immensely positive impact on one's career. Thank you very much to MCMF for organizing this training session!


Zack Khan

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Feedback on Media Training conducted by Wajahat Ali

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