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                            MCMF: Quarterly Newsletter for the quarter ended March, 2015

This is the first regular Newsletter being circulated to all the people whose email addresses are available with the MCMF. The purpose is to keep them posted of the activities and programs undertaken by the MCMF and to encourage them to volunteer their time and resources for the promotion of humanitarian causes.

The MCMF is a grassroots organization of the Muslim residents of Montgomery County dedicated to serve the less fortunate people of the County regardless of their faith, ethnicity, color or creed.

Its governance rests in the hands of the general membership that elects the Board of Directors and the Executive Council to manage the affairs of the MCMF by devoting their time and energies, and assisted by volunteers from the Muslim residents participating in the noble cause of servicing the poor.

The activities of the MCMF fall broadly in three categories. First, it collects cash donations, food items and clothes to help the needy residents of Montgomery County. Second, it runs programs for the seniors and the Youth to help them live a productive and purposeful lives. Third, it coordinates with the County government and other charitable organizations of the County and the State to engage in a collective effort to eradicate hunger and hopelessness in the County and make it a better place to live for all.

The main activities undertaken in the quarter under review were as follows:

Martin Luther Jr. Day

On January 19th 2015 MCMF participated in the annual Montgomery County Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service held at North Bethesda Marriott Conference Center. MCMF once again sponsored two project tables that benefited The Tiny Treasures Program at the Children's Inn at NIH. As in the past, the activity tables were huge success and volunteers made colorful rubber band balls for young patients at the Children's Inn at NIH

Food Pantry:

The MCMF food Pantry distributes and delivers groceries to the needy seniors, handicapped and disabled residents of Montgomery County. In the first quarter of 2015, it distributed food baskets of different sizes to 83 families based on the number of dependents. In addition, it started MCMF USDA program under which 2200 pounds of food was distributed among the needy. A large number of volunteers are engaged in this noble cause and others are encouraged to sign up for this service.

Summer Internship & Networking Fair:

On March 26, 2015 MCMF and other local organizations held a Summer Internship and Career Networking Day. At this event students were able to network with local corporate and Government Employers, Learn about Internship and Job opportunities in Washington D.C area. They were able to drop resume and have formal job interviews.

Seniors Program:

Since the purchase of a bus with financial assistance from the County government, the MCMF has been running a multidimensional program for the senior citizens of the county to make a difference in their lives. First, a productive use is being made of the bus by arranging visits to various places of interest to seniors. Second, transportation facilities are arranged every Friday for the seniors to attend Juma prayers at a local mosque. Third, a weekly meeting of senior citizens is held at the office of the MCMF in which lectures are arranged on subjects of interest to the seniors, group discussions take place and entertainment activities are held. There are currently about 22 senior citizens who participate in the program regularly in addition to others whose participation is occasional.

Annual General Meeting:

The Annual General meeting of membership was held on March 22, 2015 in which the working of the MCMF was reviewed including a review of its financial statement and the program of work for the next year. An extensive presentation was also made on the long term vision of the MCMF. At the end, elections were held to elect members of the Board and the Council for the vacant positions.

We are thankful for all of our members and volunteers. To volunteer and donate please contact MCMF at or call at 301-760-7447.



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