Muslim community and the larger Montgomery County community

Montgomery County Muslim Foundation (MCMF) is a grassroots, non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization in Montgomery County, Maryland

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Any Muslim 18 years of age or older and residing in Montgomery County; Maryland is welcome to
become a member of the MCMF, and to participate in its activities by filling out and emailing the following form to the MCMF office at

The membership is FREE and entitles each member to one vote in the General Body Meeting, in
addition to several MCMF-provided opportunities and facilities.

All members shall abide by MCMF's by-laws and promote its objectives.

I, hereby, apply to become a member of the MCMF. My particulars are given below:

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I allow MCMF to carry the above information in a directory of members to be prepared and made available to all members of MCMF.      
Tick marking is confirmation of my signature on the application form.
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Upcoming Events

College Admission Workshop

MCMF Qurbani program 2019

Message from Mr. Tufail Ahmad, Chairman, MCMF

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